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COVID-19 RELIEF FUND As COVID-19 spreads, it poses a grave danger, especially in communities with struggling health systems. Vulnerable people will be hit the hardest by the outbreak: it could drive families deeper into hunger and poverty. In some hard-to-reach areas, Action Against Hunger is the only organization providing healthcare - we must step up and respond to this pandemic. With your help, we can expand our water, sanitation, hygiene, and health programs to save more lives. Will you join us and Donate ?

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Project Split Spot: Split Spot Is A Nitty Gritty Disbursement Avenue, Forged Out To Control: *Disbursement Defaults, *Misappropriations *And Similar Sharing Complications. Poblems Of Sharing: Among A Few Things We Learnt From The Recent Dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic  Is The Fact That Not All Welfare i.e Funds & Relief Materials Donated By Various Companies, NGOs, Individual And Corporate Bodies Got To It's Purposed Desired End User Alarming Case In West Africa Is One Of A Major Reasons For The Birth Of This Project Solution: *Split Spot Serves As A Broker Among Beneficiaries *Handles Fund Sharing *Handles Disbursement Of Other Content Types *Transparent And Accountable *Systematically Hassle-Free *Community Consciousness Project Satus: Project SPLIT SPOT Is Awaiting Launch, We're Hoping To Make Just Enough Raise For Project Registration, Execution & Adverts Team: Project Split Spot Has An Expandable Team Of Technical Sharing Experts (Digital And Analog) On Sandby To Smoothly And Competently Handle Her Management Off Affairs Https:// Email:

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TOP BEAR FARMS is a crop and animal farming company. We are into livestock, fish and crop farming.     Food generally is essential to human survival, but the rapid growth of poverty in Nigeria and many other African countries birthed TOP BEAR FARMS to help curb this problem. People, including children, are dying of hunger in a lot of African countries, because the little food that is available for consumption are imported and purchased by consumers at high price.   At TOP BEAR FARMS, our mission is to offer tiers of produce that meets the need of the masses. We ensure to create surplus food for people to eat and live. Our products are carefully produced with utmost care and hygiene. We provide employment to quite a number of people both directly and indirectly, men and women, also to the youth. Also to provide an excellent, top notch and inviting environment for our product processing, wholesaling and retailing.   TOP BEAR FARMS is a Nigerian based farming company. Our farm lands is located in Abeokuta, Ogun state of Nigeria. We are still looking to expand to other parts of Nigeria and other African countries.   We need contributions to fund the continued and expansion of TOP BEAR FARMS to reach more people and make available more farm produce for the maximum consumption. Also we need funds to purchase machineries for processing and for speed.

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A-Star Ranch

INTRODUCTION We A Star Ranch, like our name implies is a Ranch in Nigeria dedicated to breaching the gaps of cattle rearing in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa as a whole using modern technologies and top notch veterinary experts to make sure our cattles provides the best meat and milk for our West African consumers. PROBLEMS In West Africa and Nigeria as a whole, cattle rearing has been an age long tradition for some regions in the country mostly the Northern region who has always used this as a source of livelihood but the problem with this is that them and their cattles have over the years been an agent of damages to other peoples source of livelihood because these cattles are not kept in a ranch but taken around the whole of West Africa grazing through peoples lands and farms destroying their crops and leading to clashes between the herders and the farmers and also leading to lose of lives and properties as it often turns a bloody clash between community and herders. SOLUTION - The introduction of Ranching to West Africa- We believe that for Ranching to be accepted in West Africa the cattle rearers need to see it done and done well, that is what we are trying to achieve at A Star Ranch. -Education- We believe that education is a continuous process and we see the need to educate these herders on how ranching can make their businesses work, how modern technologies and the know hows can improve their productivity, at A Star Ranch we would organise free seminars and educate those already in the cattle rearing business and those intending to join. - Creation of Ranch settlements- We believe at A Star Ranch that if the government and private sectors can come together to create settlements for Ranches across West Africa it would abolish the idea of grazing routes and also create a tourist attraction as a ranch is more than just cattles, sheeps or horses. WHY A STAR RANCH ? We are not the first to go into the business of Ranching in West Africa but we are dedicated to solving the problems between farmers and herders, making sure these communities knows they would be going to sleep with both eyes shut putting an end to their dispute, going into these villages and communities to educate them to go into the business, encouraging them to start small, with that little piece of land they might have. A Star Ranch will make sure we produce quality meat and milk to meet the demands of our loyal consumers by providing the best healthcare for our cattles and making use of top notch tech in breeding our cattles. At A Star Ranch you also get to enjoy a tour of our facility and also some hospitality when you come as a tourist and also accomodation for our tourists

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WHO WE ARE   Wittnex is a platform designed to protect buyers and sellers in e-commerce business transactions by making sure all the conditions agreed to by the transacting parties are met. PROBLEM When it comes to evaluating the Bussiness to Consumer(B2C) e-commerce and Social Selling challenges, then the most overlooked challenge is meeting with the exact customer's expectations. The online buying process mainly depends on the product images. Therefore, buyers can’t be sure absolutely about what they’re going to get at the end of the purchase. For B2C buyers, this is an obstacle enough to demotivate them from shopping online and waiting for hours in a physical store. Nowadays, buyers are required to trust the listed products and businesses to make a purchase and these poses a threat to small start up, hindering their growth and increasing monopoly in B2C e-commerce and social selling. A lot of e commerce start ups and small businesses are facing the challenge of trust. An average person will rather patronize a brand they think has an image to protect rather than a startup B2C or a startup Social Seller and this is why so many e-commerce startups are not growing as fast as they should even though they have great services to offer. Samething goes for artisans. SOLUTION  Our Mission is to eradicate the problem of trust by making sure both parties are protected and that transactions run smoothly and seemlessly hereby, improving the B2C e-commerce and Social Selling industry leading to increasing business and employment opportunities and better experience for consumers. At Wittnex our goal to foster the future of B2C and social selling by proving the integrity of buyers to sellers. and vice versa.