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INTRODUCTION  We are Solarr, a free energy production company based in Kenya. We provide power to Africa slums and Ghettos using a portal online where individuals or community reps can apply for our free energy products and services. PROBLEM Africa has a lot of unhealthily powered settlements and this slows down development and discourages digital literacy.  With your holdups and braces, Solarr will reach more slums, lighten up the faces of Africans with a forever smile, and their homes will be more like a home.  Your supports will bridge the gap between the digital divide in Africa. Solarr will be able to do more, expansions might as well surfaces.  SOLUTION  - The Creation of Solarr standard Website where Africans can apply for free energy products.   - Production of new energy products that will power more home appliances and gadgets with higher rundown time.    - Creating another subsidized high performance Solarr product for general sales worldwide.    -Building more Solarr outlets in popular remote African regions.    WHY SOLARR? Yeah, we are not the first but we will be the most successful free energy provider. We want to achieve this by making sure our brand gives 50 Solarr energy products to each villages we receive their application. One Solarr product for one home. We have plans to do more as we expand.  Solarr will be dishing out a 100-watt Solar panel to every 50 homes in an African village that qualifies for one. We plan to gift out our energy products too 10 villages per African region. (Making 500 Solarr products per region) A 100-watt solar panel will produce between 280-450W per day on average, depending on where you live. They can run small appliances such as fans, lights, and WiFi routers. They are smaller than standard rooftop solar panels, which are typically between 250 and 450 W each.  Get more updates via Twitter @solarr4afrca or 

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INTRODUCTION  What is LLC? Double L Creatives is a Talent management outfit in Nigeria that manages, promotes and distribute creative works for Content creators/ Music Artistes.   It is no news that Independent Artists/content creators all over the Globe suffers from different varieties of production and promotional struggle.     Many also lack management and Sponsorship and will be frustrated to sign killer deals which at the end the got caught in the middle.   LLC has a solution to this popular problem, we encourage our investors and donors to see from our point of view as we continue to expand the details.   PROBLEMS   Every Content creator and Musician needs exposure, very little amount of exposure is seriously expensive, they will have to pay to get every publicity they want.    They pay directors, editors, models, producers, engineers, OAPs, DJ, Blogger, show agents, label scouts, managers, event planners etc...    At a long run they run out of money and that gives a halt to the project. All efforts will be deemed wasted as the project will not yield a good profit.    LLC wants every artist to harvest and enjoy the fruit of their labor. They might or might not get blown to the maximum point they crave for, but they’ll get good returns from their creative works.    SOLUTIONS    LLC has provided a team of Professionals in the Entertainment industry to foresee the execution of every projects.  The team members comprises —DJ, Musicians, Producer, Sound engineers, cinematographer, makeup Artist, model, Dancer, influencer etc.   All these professionals are referred to as team members. They are further categorized into two, some team members prefer getting paid forefront while some prefer getting paid after sales.    The ones with paid partnership deals are ghost team members while the others are Grade A Team members.    Team members scout for Talents and also work together to make sure LLC Artists/content creators achieve their dreams. Thus, not free. All team members will have a fair share of the ROI.    The ROI comprises of revenues made from all the projects that has been executed. And will be paid after which the original content owner have received its own share according to agreement.   Team members qualification:   Professionals must have social media presence, Registered brand name, a good portfolio and an open office in Lagos.   COST   LLC is designed to manage as many artist and contents at the same time. The Program is starting with 50 independent artistes/content creators.    The Starting Capital is set at One million USD ($1 m). The first 50 set of Artistes/ Content creators will get their project executed and launched. (Produced, promoted & distributed.   LLC will oversee the following: For Visual contents—production, Promotion and distribution on majors platforms  For audio/music— Production, promotions and distribution on major platforms. For audio-visual— Production, Promotion and distribution on major platforms.   Note: Grade A Team members are supporting with their services, Ghost team members getting paid for their services from Donations we realize from our external supporters.  All Team members gives 100% support to all projects.    LLC STAND-ALONE SUPPORTS Professional support Personal support  Online support (reposting the project on social media) Contributing financially to the project (ghost team members are exempted) Participate in field works (optional) Pose as an ambassador to every project (this will speed up commitment)      BENEFITS All team members gets their credits, ROI and bonuses except ghost team members whose deal is different. The ghost members only get credits & bonuses after they have been paid for the services they render.   Contact us via Instagram & Twitter: @ll_creatives 

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Project Split Spot: Split Spot Is A Nitty Gritty Disbursement Avenue, Forged Out To Control: *Disbursement Defaults, *Misappropriations *And Similar Sharing Complications. Poblems Of Sharing: Among A Few Things We Learnt From The Recent Dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic  Is The Fact That Not All Welfare i.e Funds & Relief Materials Donated By Various Companies, NGOs, Individual And Corporate Bodies Got To It's Purposed Desired End User Alarming Case In West Africa Is One Of A Major Reasons For The Birth Of This Project Solution: *Split Spot Serves As A Broker Among Beneficiaries *Handles Fund Sharing *Handles Disbursement Of Other Content Types *Transparent And Accountable *Systematically Hassle-Free *Community Consciousness Project Satus: Project SPLIT SPOT Is Awaiting Launch, We're Hoping To Make Just Enough Raise For Project Registration, Execution & Adverts Team: Project Split Spot Has An Expandable Team Of Technical Sharing Experts (Digital And Analog) On Sandby To Smoothly And Competently Handle Her Management Off Affairs Https:// Email:

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A-Star Ranch

INTRODUCTION We A Star Ranch, like our name implies is a Ranch in Nigeria dedicated to breaching the gaps of cattle rearing in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa as a whole using modern technologies and top notch veterinary experts to make sure our cattles provides the best meat and milk for our West African consumers. PROBLEMS In West Africa and Nigeria as a whole, cattle rearing has been an age long tradition for some regions in the country mostly the Northern region who has always used this as a source of livelihood but the problem with this is that them and their cattles have over the years been an agent of damages to other peoples source of livelihood because these cattles are not kept in a ranch but taken around the whole of West Africa grazing through peoples lands and farms destroying their crops and leading to clashes between the herders and the farmers and also leading to lose of lives and properties as it often turns a bloody clash between community and herders. SOLUTION - The introduction of Ranching to West Africa- We believe that for Ranching to be accepted in West Africa the cattle rearers need to see it done and done well, that is what we are trying to achieve at A Star Ranch. -Education- We believe that education is a continuous process and we see the need to educate these herders on how ranching can make their businesses work, how modern technologies and the know hows can improve their productivity, at A Star Ranch we would organise free seminars and educate those already in the cattle rearing business and those intending to join. - Creation of Ranch settlements- We believe at A Star Ranch that if the government and private sectors can come together to create settlements for Ranches across West Africa it would abolish the idea of grazing routes and also create a tourist attraction as a ranch is more than just cattles, sheeps or horses. WHY A STAR RANCH ? We are not the first to go into the business of Ranching in West Africa but we are dedicated to solving the problems between farmers and herders, making sure these communities knows they would be going to sleep with both eyes shut putting an end to their dispute, going into these villages and communities to educate them to go into the business, encouraging them to start small, with that little piece of land they might have. A Star Ranch will make sure we produce quality meat and milk to meet the demands of our loyal consumers by providing the best healthcare for our cattles and making use of top notch tech in breeding our cattles. At A Star Ranch you also get to enjoy a tour of our facility and also some hospitality when you come as a tourist and also accomodation for our tourists