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By Ellen | GigRiver 2022-01-17

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What is GigRiver?

GigRiver is an Ethereum based decentralized freelance marketplace where you can hire developers as a startup or company, get web3 jobs as a freelancer  and earn tokens while doing both.


The problem:

Blockchain has been very instrumental in the present world and at GigRiver, we strongly believe there is a need for a job hiring marketplace that serves as a social media platform for a bridge between web3 developers and startups and companies that are looking into getting blockchain and those that are already in it.

Currently, startups that need web3 developers still end up employing devs from centralized platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

By doing this, these two parties are limited to a few primary choices:

  1. The freelancers dropping their private data in exchange for an opportunity to apply for high-end jobs.
  2.  The freelancers get 10 -15% removed from their earnings on a per-job basis.
  3. Young and aspiring blockchain developers barely make anything from the task they execute majorly because 10% is a lot to lose from their once-in-a-while gigs.
  4. As a result of controlled information, most blockchain startups have no choice but to patronize the centralized because that is what the media is throwing in their faces.

What is lacking from the job hiring ecosystem is a trustworthy, transparent, decentralized, and web3 credible freelance marketplace platform that is accessible to a broader audience including the up and coming devs. 


The solution: 

The mission of our organization is to create a valuable job ecosystem that will propel the future of decentralization and also give freelancers working on site or remotely the freedom to access hundreds of millions of jobs.


We see this occurring in various ways: 

  1. Revitalizing Incentivisation 


The incentivized structure of the organization allows all freelancers and customers to earn tokens by finishing or posting new gigs while moving up the rank table with progress.

How much token you earn will be determined by reviews and feedbacks.



  1. Accentuation on blockchain ability 


The best way most blockchain projects and entities can employ somebody capable is to get them from another company. This is unrealistic and not reasonable in every way as it is only going to drive up remuneration to the place where all that blockchain engineers can expect to earn around $150,000 or more, and experienced advertising experts well more than $180,000.


We have also seen situations where lack of specialists and this is the reason why it takes a while before a younf developer can get to the professional stage.


Consultants of assorted types use GigRiver, and clients can track down somebody for practically any work. Notwithstanding, as a blockchain stage, it has normally drawn in a lot of ability from the crypto space.



  1. Crypto and fiat payment option.

GigRiver will be using cryptocurrency to settle payments for freelancers’ work. There are a number of benefits to using crypto, including:


Crypto payments are irreversible, so cannot be tampered with by payment providers, who may cancel or block transactions just because they involve a particular country.

Transparency. Freelancers can check immediately if a payment has been made, and generally payments are available to spend within minutes.


Our goal is to become a trusted platform by the people building web3 which we all now regard as the future of blockchain.


How the GigRiver started: 

Following the success of OxxLab’s popular projects launch, Hovii Exchange(beta) and GiveStation.

The founders, Olusegun Micheal (@mikkithegenie) and Tobin Jude (@cryptojude) teamed up with other experienced developers to create GigRiver for a blockchain based work/job hiring ecosystem


Where we are (state):

The same team behind are the core team. We also have some additional few volunteers are assisting with web development and content creation. The team is preparing for a launch after this development goes live, however date isn't declared at this point..


We are still looking for more builders, if you are one of them please message @mikkithegenie on Twitter.


Grants requirements

We need contributions to fund the continued development of GigRiver and also to facilitate the development through financing paid roles in the entity.


Below are some useful links to our socials. Pages and link will be updated as we grow.









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