Ownables: Decentralized p2p exchange for NFTs

By miles@hovii 2022-01-15

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decentralized p2p nft exchange.

Yes, what an interesting journey the blockchain world is... By delivering the easiest way to dive into the NFT world, we want to democratize Web3.0 applications to everyone, beginner or absolute crypto nerd.

Ownables is a decentralized NFT marketplace created to give you a “sense of ownership” over your materials/nfts. We offer a peer-to-peer nft exchange where you can sell your nft to anyone based on negotiation and not price determined by us or the ecosystem.


→ Easy to use: The easiest way to mint and dive into the NFT world

→ Decentralized: real decentralized NFT minting and exchanging

→ Cross chain: mint on one network, claim it on other networks

→ Mint: create your own custom NFT collection 

→ Template: choose between multiple collections templates 

→ Negotiate: looking for market arbitrage opportunities 

→ Powerful smart-contract: mint, sell & swap with our advanced NFT smart contract. 


The current state of the Ownables:

The core team consists of a few engineers (volunteers) assisting with smart contract development and content creation. The core and peripheral teams are preparing Ownables for public beta launch but a date is not announced yet.


Funding requirements:

We are seeking funding opportunities to expedite the growth and value proposition of the Ownables through financing marketing, scaling and most importantly the paid roles.

Visit us here https://ownables.xyz/


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