By ProjectGIV 2021-12-01

Location : Lagos, Nigeria
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ProjectGIV Is A Foundation that helps Love keep rotating around the World with no holds barred, People find themselves in situations they wish they weren't, but as it is, Life happens sometimes and they just need a little hand here and there to survive and properly stay alive and there are people like YOU that are blessed enough to be able to afford a spill so that they too can have a better life.

A Little Excess to share with the Nothings or The Not Enough will go a Long way to make The World a Better Place and a More Happier Place to Live, If People feel Loved and believe they can get assistance when they sincerely need, there will be less hate and not so much crimes, The World is a really big place and throwing love around here and there will make you realise that Love comes back in different ways. 

Dreams come True because People Believe, GOD loves Sharing and remember Generosity is Virtue (GIV).


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