Check out the frequently asked questions on GiveStation

Are donors protected and why should i donate?

Yes. GiveStation is decentralized and users only get to login and signup with Metamask. No matter the amount you donate to a project, your contribution has a huge impact and it is highly recognized.
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What are GiveStation Projects?

GiveStation projects are ideas put together by people who believe they can change the world by getting donations from donors that have faith in what they are building.
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Why do i need to submit KYC (project owners)

Verification of identities are mandatory to make sure the founder(s), team or organization behind projects proposing to raise funds are genuine and this is done to know who is behind this ideas and to also protect the donors.
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What is the fee structure like?

Creating and sharing a new project on GiveStation is free. However, to maintain the platform and pay for the necessary marketing and promotions, GiveStation will deduct a 0.99% fee from the donations you receive. We do NOT charge any credit card fee as all transactions are done through metamask and gas fee are totally on the Ethereum network and not us.
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Why is my project not active?

Please make your descriptions are uploaded correctly or contact support here to lay your complain support@givestation.org
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How do i withdaw funds/donations.

As soon as the contributions for your project arrives, you can request for withdrawal by using the "request" button that appears on your account/dashboard. The process may take a few days depending on your whether your KYC has been approved or not. You will receive a notification by email.
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I have enquiries, i see a bug or any other question, what do I do?

Send any enquiries or complaints to this email support@givestation
Open up a Github issue at https://github.com/givestation
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I've created a project, how do I attract donations?

To get donations, we advice you choose the idea based on your audience. Additionally, after creating a new project you can share your project's link to social networks, some explanatory videos might help too.
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