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WHO WE ARE   Wittnex is a platform designed to protect buyers and sellers in e-commerce business transactions by making sure all the conditions agreed to by the transacting parties are met. PROBLEM When it comes to evaluating the Bussiness to Consumer(B2C) e-commerce and Social Selling challenges, then the most overlooked challenge is meeting with the exact customer's expectations. The online buying process mainly depends on the product images. Therefore, buyers can’t be sure absolutely about what they’re going to get at the end of the purchase. For B2C buyers, this is an obstacle enough to demotivate them from shopping online and waiting for hours in a physical store. Nowadays, buyers are required to trust the listed products and businesses to make a purchase and these poses a threat to small start up, hindering their growth and increasing monopoly in B2C e-commerce and social selling. A lot of e commerce start ups and small businesses are facing the challenge of trust. An average person will rather patronize a brand they think has an image to protect rather than a startup B2C or a startup Social Seller and this is why so many e-commerce startups are not growing as fast as they should even though they have great services to offer. Samething goes for artisans. SOLUTION  Our Mission is to eradicate the problem of trust by making sure both parties are protected and that transactions run smoothly and seemlessly hereby, improving the B2C e-commerce and Social Selling industry leading to increasing business and employment opportunities and better experience for consumers. At Wittnex our goal to foster the future of B2C and social selling by proving the integrity of buyers to sellers. and vice versa.