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Project Split Spot: Split Spot Is A Nitty Gritty Disbursement Avenue, Forged Out To Control: *Disbursement Defaults, *Misappropriations *And Similar Sharing Complications. Poblems Of Sharing: Among A Few Things We Learnt From The Recent Dreaded COVID-19 Pandemic  Is The Fact That Not All Welfare i.e Funds & Relief Materials Donated By Various Companies, NGOs, Individual And Corporate Bodies Got To It's Purposed Desired End User Alarming Case In West Africa Is One Of A Major Reasons For The Birth Of This Project Solution: *Split Spot Serves As A Broker Among Beneficiaries *Handles Fund Sharing *Handles Disbursement Of Other Content Types *Transparent And Accountable *Systematically Hassle-Free *Community Consciousness Project Satus: Project SPLIT SPOT Is Awaiting Launch, We're Hoping To Make Just Enough Raise For Project Registration, Execution & Adverts Team: Project Split Spot Has An Expandable Team Of Technical Sharing Experts (Digital And Analog) On Sandby To Smoothly And Competently Handle Her Management Off Affairs Https:// Email: