Our mission is create a platform that enables anyone to achieve anything.

We want to transform crowdfunding ecosystem by creating a decentralized funding solution, making it faster, safer, simpler... better! The goal is to help more developers build projects that will make a difference in the society.

About us

Who We Are

GiveStation is formerly known as REAPit Wallet in 2019, we went from creating a social media based wallet that allows anyone to tip and stake cryptocurrencies on social media networks like Telegram, and twitter to changing the model to a decentralized crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to raise funds for thier ideas and causes.
The idea behind switching to GiveStation was to birth a new phase and model that appeals to a much wider audience and not just those that want to make crypto payment.

Getting donations from the previous GR11 Grants by Gitcoin, we have and experienced the power of crowdfunding, the positive impact it leaves on ideas, societies and communities and so we have decided to join the altruistic race by creating an avenue for dreamers and aspiring developers to make thier dream a reality.

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Our Mission

Our mission at GiveStation is to foster growth in all sectors and industries, help individuals and organizations bring ideas and projects to life and become a beacon of hope for basically anyone looking for a place raise funds.

We are developing a global mindset.

GiveStation is a "center of opportunities". Join us as we build the future of crowdfunding.

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Meet the team behind GiveStation.

Team member 01

O. Olusegun Micheal

CEO & Founder

Team member 02

Ankit Bagre

Chief Tech Officer

Team member 03

Malek sehboub

Head of Marketing

Team member 04

Alex Ekeh

Project Manager

Team member 09

Damilola Apara

Partner (ProjectGIV)

We are open for partnerships.