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A give-to-earn grant protocol.

Fund the future now.

We are live on these protocols.

More blockchains coming soon.

Why we are different

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Give a grant and get rewarded for your contributions.


Invite your friends to Givestation and get givePOINTS (GP)

Approve and Finalize

Contributors can approve a grant payment by voting.


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Twitter Grants

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Give Widget (wp)

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How it works


Browse through different categories to pick and grant of your choice.


Fund a grant that intrests you.

Ger rewarded

Get givePOINTS

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Created by you, for everyone.

GiveStation is largely influenced and managed by the community.

Layer 2

GiveStation is built on the fast and secure Layer 2 mechanisms.
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Funders get to approve grant proceeds after a goal is reached.
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KYC Compliance

To prevent frauds, creators will be KYCd before grants are approved.
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