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The GiveStation Development Fund

What is GiveStation? GiveStation is a decentralized crowdfunding platform where anyone can donate and raise funds.   We are creating a connection between creators, teams, and founders and those who want to fund their great life-changing ideas using blockchain innovation. Donors have varieties of projects to contribute to as long as they believe in them. At the moment, GiveStation is available on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon Mainnet.   How this contribution will help us? Every donation that goes to this project will be used in sustaining and supporting the team including, front-end and back-end engineers,  project managers(ment), etc, and most importantly future events that will attract a huge amount of budget to achieve or implement. Our roadmap in a nutshell summarizes how we plan to impact as many lives as we can, become a beacon of hope for anyone with a dream, and be a great example for others looking forward to creating projects like this.   How can you reach out? To lay your inquiries, ideas, and criticism, look at our support page or any of our social pages and drop us a line. Thank you for understanding and we are forever indebted to you.   Signed by the GiveStation Team.

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We are Rollingstock.io a decentralized stock footage platform. Powering Purely Indigenous, innovative and 100 percent continental royalty-free visual contents in an all in one platform where creatives from all backgrounds and industries can produce their own unique brand stories with ready to use contents from a community of contributors(Filmmakers) that gains value in licensing their crafts to buyers around the world.   With your support, the Rollingstock team will create an all in one stock platform that help in Preserving the originals and breaking imagery limits with stocks.   - The Creation of Rollingstock Web 3.0 based platform   - Rollingstock NFT collection that wiil give filmmakers(contributors) a rare opportunity to own exclusive NFT.   - New process that will aid time management and hustle free content generation.   - Creating a giveback system for empowering indie filmmakers in various countries.   WHY ROLLINGSTOCK?   The increasing demand for stock videos is one of the critical factors anticipated to drive market growth of various economies and also expand the entertainment ecosystem. The use of stock footages in movies, television documentaries, and brands commercial marketing is rising as it helps filmmakers and brand marketers in saving costs and time. Stock videos of various exotic locations can help production companies omit the cost of transporting crew and equipment to those locations. For instance, the Star Trek franchise used a collection of stock videos related to Starships, Planets, Backgrounds, and Explosions throughout the film series. Thus, the increasing use of stock videos in recorded programs as well as live television programs. How this contribution will help us?   Your contribution will help us in growing our community of creatives and content creator, aid us in breaking the brick-walls faced in generating indigenous contents from the African continent, creating a stock footage decentralised NFT minting platform, creating a platform that will be a snowball for social media marketers in creating engaging contents with stocks that we provide through a seamless medium and easy workflow.   Stay Updated with Rollingstock: Twitter:https://twitter.com/rollingstockvid

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ProjectGIV Is A Foundation that helps Love keep rotating around the World with no holds barred, People find themselves in situations they wish they weren't, but as it is, Life happens sometimes and they just need a little hand here and there to survive and properly stay alive and there are people like YOU that are blessed enough to be able to afford a spill so that they too can have a better life. A Little Excess to share with the Nothings or The Not Enough will go a Long way to make The World a Better Place and a More Happier Place to Live, If People feel Loved and believe they can get assistance when they sincerely need, there will be less hate and not so much crimes, The World is a really big place and throwing love around here and there will make you realise that Love comes back in different ways.  Dreams come True because People Believe, GOD loves Sharing and remember Generosity is Virtue (GIV).

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